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Direct Pipe In Water Dispenser (Floor Standing)

Energy/Alkaline/Mineral/RO/Purified Water System (Optional)









Hot&Cold Floor Standing Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Features & Specifications:-

Model: 3-BY91WDP / 3-BY91SDP

Water Temperature               Hot & Cold

Style                           Floor Standing

Housing Material       Plastic

Certification               CE, GS, ROHS

Dimension                  99.5cm (H) X 36cm (L) x 35cm (W)


Power (W)                  500

Rated                          240V, 50/60Hz AC220V

Way of Cooling         Compressor Cooling

Color                          White or Silver

- Automatic Water Filling Dispenser.

- Electric IC Board Control.

- Separately hot/cold power switch.

- Reheating function to offer 100ºC hot water.

- Automatic heating shut-off when hot water tank is empty.

-Compressor Cooling Systems.

- High efficiency compressor with adjustable 3-7ºC thermostat.

-High Quality Faucet Design

- Double lock hot water faucet, durable faucets, FDA approved material, free from            leaking.

- Large 8 liters with double floating valve. Easy to clean.

- SUS 304 stainless steel hot tank. Open type, easy to clean.


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